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My research deals mainly with the history of ideas related to controverses concerning the environmental impact of socio-technical systems. Nuclear power, mining, geoengineering and climate change mitigation are topics of special interest.

My research as well as my teaching is mainly devoted to the history of ideas. Environmental controversies and value conflicts related to socio-technical systems are of great concern. Methodologically my research is be aning towards discourse analysis and it is concentrated on issues that carry social explosivity, for example nuclear power, mineral extraction, geoengineering, and climate change mitigation. 

At the moment I am project leader for two research projects, one concerning Swedish mineral politics and one concerning gender aspects on energy politics. They both started in 2015 and will be completed in 2018.

Since the beginning of the 1990s I have been studying different aspects of energy and environmental politics, mainly using a discourse analytical approach. Special emphasis has been on value conflicts in relation to large socio-technical systems, such as nuclear power, mineral extraction and, geoengineering. Some studies also regards politics of climate change and the turn to ecological modernization in environmental politics. Questions concerning a post-political condition, depoliticisation and repoliticisation have thereby been of great interest in my research, and they still are. I mainly examine paradigmatic texts of different kinds, but lately text analysis has been combined with interviews and focus groups methodologies in several studies.

To sum up I have been engaged in environmental humanities for 25 years, and at the moment I am as scientific director taking part of the build up of The Seed Box. An Environmental Humanities Collaboratory at Linköping University. 


Most of my teaching is conducted within the doctoral education at Tema Technology and social change. I have been main supervisor for twelve researchers that have taken doctoral degree, and co-supervisor for nine. I am also leading a course within my area of expertise as part of the obligation courses in the doctoral education program at Tema T.


I am member of the Institutional Board of Tema, and of the scientific directors of group of the Seed Box. I am also responsible for Tema T's higher seminars and publication series.



Johan Niskanen, Jonas Anshelm, Simon Haikola (2024) A multi-level discourse analysis of Swedish wind power resistance, 2009-2022 Political Geography, Vol. 108, Article 103017 Continue to DOI


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Arne Kaijser, Anna Storm, Thomas Kaiserfeld, Jonas Anshelm, Mark Elam, Per Högselius, Linda Soneryd, Göran Sundqvist (2023) Jämförelsen är helt vilseledande Svenska Dagbladet, 25 november
Simon Haikola, Jonas Anshelm (2023) Staten, marknaden och industripolitikens återupprättelse: Visioner om transportsystemets klimatomställning, 2006-2022

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