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Jonas Eliasson

Visiting Professor


Jonas Eliasson is Director of Transport Access at the Swedish National Transport Administration, visiting professor of transport systems at Linköping University, and chair of the Planning & Construction committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences. He was Director of the Stockholm City Transportation Administration 2016-2019 and professor of transport systems analysis at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) 2007-2016.
His research interests focus on transport policy design and evaluation, including areas such as cost-benefit analysis, transport pricing, railway capacity allocation, transport demand modeling, congestion charges, decision making in the transport sector, public and political acceptability of transport policies, and valuations of travel time and reliability. He has been engaged as expert advisor to a large number of urban, regional and national governments regarding strategic transportation issues, often involving sustainable transport planning, congestion pricing, and social and economic appraisal.



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