Railway and Public Transport

Pendeltåg och buss i kollektivtrafik

We develop computational support tools for good planning of railway traffic and public transport. The tools can be used for evaluating systems and making better decisions. 

A good transport system is essential to allow access to workplaces, schools, service establishments and health care institutions and necessary for transportation of goods. Railway and public transport are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, fast, safe and secure. There is a strong will from society to extend and develop these systems.

The research group for railway and public transport is interested in developing models and methods, which describe the traffic and can be used as decision support tools by infrastructure managers and operators.

On a strategic level, we are interested in evaluating the imposed effects of changes in the infrastructure. At a tactical level we study timetables and schedules, and on an operational level how the planning can be adjusted just before or during operation.

Most of the methodological approaches come from the academic field of operations research, where we use optimization, simulation and statistics. An objective is often formulated as to gain time, cost, capacity, energy, stability or robustness.

Our research is often carried out together with stakeholders and funders from industry and society. The research group for railway and public transport is partner of the national research program Capacity in the Railway Traffic System (KAJT) and a national initiative for railway expertise, where we lead area 7 Traffic planning and control, and participate in area 9 Capacity and punctuality. Some of our collaborators are RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and Swedish Transport Administration. The group consists of some ten researchers, half of which are doctoral students in the scientific area of infra informatics. 

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Researchers at Communications and Transport Systems

Research activities Communication and transport systems (KTS)

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Brains & Bricks – shortly named B2 – is a Centre for Excellence in Construction Supply Chain Management.

Wi-fi zon skylt

Wireless Optimization and Analytics

The research develops new models, concepts, and solution algorithms for performance optimization in wireless networking and data analytics.

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Construction Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We are researching how to create long-term sustainability and effectiveness in the built environment with a focus on logistics, digitalization, and resource-efficient construction.

News at communication and transport systems (KTS)

A person in a middle of a constructing site.

14 november 2023

Reducing construction transport movements in cities

Construction transport in cities creates major disruption. This can be greatly reduced. But it requires better planning and management at an early stage in construction projects.

Woman in diving suit.

11 juli 2022

British researcher corporate with liu about drowning accident

The British researcher Dr. Lorna Dennison-Wilkins research about how to facilitate the search for a person in water. She has started a collaboration with CARER and she is impressed with how LiU collaborates with authorities and others in this area.

A man standing in front of tram tracks with a tram in the background

29 juni 2021

Can the cellular network be used to analyse travel patterns?

We are facing the challenge of meeting the climate goals while simultaneously accommodate human mobility demand. Nils Breyer has studied how the traffic system could be streamlined by using large-scale data sources for analysis.