Photo of Jonas Löwgren

Jonas Löwgren

Professor, Head of Unit

Interaction and information design


Jonas Löwgren (b. 1964) is professor of interaction and information design. He specializes in interactive visualization, collaborative media design, and the design theory of the digital materials.

Jonas has taught interaction design in university courses and in companies since the early 1990’s and initiated the influential two-year master’s program and the PhD program in interaction design when he was at Malmö University.

He has published over 80 peer-reviewed academic papers and four books, including Thoughtful Interaction Design (with Erik Stolterman, published by MIT Press), and a vast range of general-interest and pedagogical material. His design portfolio comprises over 60 projects from explorative research and professional contexts. 

Personal website with more information, including CV, publications, portfolio and freely available materials

Recent journal publications


Anna Fredriksson, Linnea Eriksson, Jonas Löwgren, Nina Lemon, Daniel Eriksson (2022) An Interactive Visualization Tool for Collaborative Construction Logistics Planning-Creating a Sustainable Project Vicinity Sustainability, Vol. 14, Article 17032 Continue to DOI
Desirée Enlund, Katherine Harrison, Rasmus Ringdahl, Ahmet Börütecene, Jonas Löwgren, Vangelis Angelakis (2022) The role of sensors in the production of smart city spaces Big Data and Society, Vol. 9, Article 20539517221110218 Continue to DOI


Katherine Harrison, Ahmet Börütecene, Jonas Löwgren, Desirée Enlund, Rasmus Ringdahl, Vangelis Angelakis (2021) Sustainability Means Inclusivity: Engaging Citizens in Early-Stage Smart City Development IEEE technology & society magazine, Vol. 40, p. 60-65 Continue to DOI
Kristina Höök, Jonas Löwgren (2021) Characterizing Interaction Design by Its Ideals: A Discipline in Transition She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, Vol. 7, p. 24-40 Continue to DOI
Niklas Rönnberg, Jonas Löwgren (2021) Designing the user experience of musical sonification in public and semi-public spaces SoundEffects, Vol. 10, p. 125-141 Continue to DOI



Veronika Domova

Towards a more user centred control system design

A control room in the industrial sector often comprises a wall of shining displays showing different parts of the production process. In her doctoral thesis, Veronika Domova aimed to develop a control system design, better adapted to human abilities.

Caspar Reuterswärd

First master’s graduates in design

The first year-group from the international master’s programme in design has graduated.“It suited me perfectly that the programme was new and a bit disorganised. I’ve benefited from everything in the master’s programme” Caspar Reuterswärd assures us.

Sarah Glassner, Meike Remiger and Yin He

Finding space for augmented reality

Augmented reality can be used not only to help people with a problematic printer and find their skis: it can also be used to challenge social norms. This is shown by the first group of master’s design students working with visual media.