Joint Human-AI/Automation control of mission-critical processes

I am professor in Human Centered Design, leading a research program on how to design AI (Artificial Intelligence) and more basic Automation to be controllable, resilient and comprehensible. The research program is applied to mission-critical systems in Air Traffic Management, Maritime Traffic Management, and similar domains.

My research focuses on Human-AI/Automation Joint Control Systems. Those are systems that include at least one human operator, one process to control, as well as an automation or AI component that must also be controlled. The research is applied to domains such as Air Traffic Management, Maritime Traffic Management, Train Traffic Management, Emergency and Crisis response. In such systems, automation and AI can support humans, and also manage tasks autonomously - up to a point. There is always a point where humans must oversee that the system is working as it should - and perhaps also take a higher degree of control. Basic research in this domain concerns theories of human-automation/AI interaction that can guide the development of methods, tools, and design concepts for control.

The research is conducted in a research team that I lead, including both regular and industrial PhD students. The projects have resulted in articles, demonstrators/tools, as well as completed PhD theses that I have supervised as main supervisor from start to finish. The research is conducted in collaboration with industry and government, in several projects.

Please have a look at the research area web page for my team, on human-AI/Automation Teaming:


  • Master of arts: 1999, Cognitive Science, Linköping University, Sweden.
  • Doctoral degree: 2005, Computer Science, Linköping University, Sweden.
  • Docent: 2012, Cognitive Systems, Linköping University, Sweden.








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