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Josefin Fernius

Head of Unit, Senior Research Coordinator

In my work as the head of unit and a research coordinator at the LiU Grants Office, I work both strategically and operationally with questions regarding external research funding.


Head of LiU Grants Office, Research coordinator/ Science writer

LiU Grants Office offers support in the process of external research funding at Linköping University. The support has a focus on the EU framework program for Research and Innovation, as well as on prioritized Swedish funders. The Grants Office works in close collaboration with the Program Office and together we also offer coordination support for extensive research initiatives led by researchers at LiU, both national initiatives and projects within the EU framework program.
In my work as research coordinator and science writer, I inform researchers about suitable calls to apply for and guide researchers through the process of grant writing. 

At the LiU Grants Office I am the main contact person for applications to the European Research Council (ERC). This EU-funding agency offers calls for the ERC Starting-, Consolidator- and Advanced Grant, Proof-of-Concept Grant and Synergy Grant. For these applications, we can assist in each step of the process from workshops, concept formulation, grant writing, mock interviews and grant administration. 

I am also LiU:s contact person for the Wallenberg foundations och Göran Gustafsson Foundation, which means that I am responsible for coordinating the internal nomination procedures, assist the nominated researchers with grant writing and submission process, and finally, act as the point of contact between LiU and the Foundations.

I have previous research experience (see Google Scholar) within molecular biology and neuroscience. I received my PhD in 2007 at the University of Edinburgh and continued my research there until 2012. I then moved to Sweden and LiU, to the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (BKV), where I focused my research on the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. 

I have worked at the LiU Grants Office since 2018.

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