I assist researchers at LiU in their work to create competitive grant applications.

I provide strategic advice on the right funding for your specific career goal and research subject area. It involves identifying funding opportunities and providing support throughout the application process such as project concept, consortium building, and grant application writing. I offer support to researchers at every step of the application process and the ensuing contractualization phase. For complex projects, I can provide expert management and communications services as well, offering increased information flow within the research consortium and higher visibility.

My goal is always the successful project, the grant application being the foundations and the professional project management an important key component.

I have a PhD in from Lund University and several years of research experience in life science, health and veterinary sciences from working in e.g. CNRS and INRA in France. In 2016 I moved to Sweden to join the Regional development department at Region Östergötland, working with the Baltic Sea Strategy and eutrophication. I joined Grants Office in September 2020.

Co-workers at Grants Office