My research focuses on environmental issues in sedimentary and aquatic systems (e.g. pollution, climate change,food and water security). I teach undergraduate and graduate students, and supervise PhD students.






Research Projects

  • Coal-based economies in developing countries: An environmental, health and cost evaluation around mega thermal power plants. The Swedish Research Council (2021-24)

  • The fate of organic carbon in small mountain rivers in the Himalayas: Implications for soil erosion and climate change. The Swedish Research Council (2017-2021)

  • Climate-culture evolution at Jiroft in southeast Iran during the Holocene. V. Tavakohli (co-PI, Tehran Univ).Vetenskapsrådet (2015-18) and STINT Initiation Grant (2015-16). 

  • Reconstruction of Holocene paleoenvironmental changes in Lake Victoria catchment, Kenya. D. Olago (co-PI, Nairobi University). Vetenskapsrådet (2013-17) 

  • Monsoon variability and its impact on terrestrial ecosystems in Sri Lanka. R. Chandrajith (co-PI, Peradeniya Univ).


Prof. P.A. Meyers, Univ. of Michigan (USA)
Dr. Patrick Roberts, Max Planck-Jena (Germany)
Prof A. Roychoudhury, Stellenbosch U (S. Africa)
Prof. T. Filley, Purdue Univ (USA
Prof. T. Bianchi, Univ. of Florida (USA)
Dr. Sayantan Sarkar, IIT-Mandi (India)
Prof. R. Chandrajith, Peradeniya Univ (Sri Lanka)
Dr. Majid Naderi, INIOAS (Iran)
Prof. Chen-Chou Shou, NTU (Taiwan)
Dr. Susanne Fietz, Stellenbosch (S Africa)
Prof. JV Klump, Milwaukee Univ (USA) 


CV in short

  • 2020
    Professor and Head Vernadsky Section
  • 2018
    Associate professor & Head, Vernadsky Section, Linköping University
  • 2011
    Senior Lecturer, Linköping University
  • 2009
    Associate Professor, IISER. Kolkata
  • 2004
    Docent, Researcher, Stockholm University
  • 2000
    Assistant professor, Stockholm University


  • Main supervisor (PhD)
    Dennis Njagi, Chen Luo
  • Co-supervisor (PhD)
    Rajendra Bhandari, Kathmandu University
  • Masters thesis
    Amira Elbarmelgy
    Tebid Caprice
    Furkan Özkan
    Ra'eesah Hendricks


Graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Climate Change and Policy
  • Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Organic geochemistry
  • Introductory Geology
  • Sustainable Business - An Environmental Perspective