My research focuses on environmental issues in sedimentary and aquatic systems (e.g. pollution, climate change, food and water security). I teach undergraduate and graduate students, and supervise PhD students. 

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Research Projects

  • The fate of organic carbon in small mountain rivers in the Himalayas: Implications for soil erosion and climate change. The Swedish Research Council (2017-2021)

  • Climate-culture evolution at Jiroft in southeast Iran during the Holocene. V. Tavakohli (co-PI, Tehran Univ).Vetenskapsrådet (2015-18) and STINT Initiation Grant (2015-16). 

  • Reconstruction of Holocene paleoenvironmental changes in Lake Victoria catchment, Kenya. D. Olago (co-PI, Nairobi University). Vetenskapsrådet (2013-17) 

  • Monsoon variability and its impact on terrestrial ecosystems in Sri Lanka. R. Chandrajith (co-PI, Peradeniya Univ).


Prof. P.A. Meyers, Univ. of Michigan (USA)    
Dr. N. Pedentchouk East Anglia Univ (UK)
Prof A. Roychoudhury, Stellenbosch U (S. Africa)
Prof. T. Filley, Purdue Univ (USA
Prof. T. Bianchi, Univ. of Florida (USA) 
Dr. P. Bhandari, IISER-K (India) 
Prof. R. Chandrajith, Peradeniya Univ (Sri Lanka)
Prof. P. Kuhry, Stockholm Univ (Sweden)
Prof. A. Mangini, Heidelberg Univ (Germany)
Dr. G. Hugelius, Stockholm U (Sweden)
Prof. JV Klump, Milwaukee Univ (USA)
Dr. S. Baskar, IGNOU (India)
Prof. J. Machiwa, Dar es Salaam Univ (Tanzania)
Prof. P. Bhattacharya, KTH (Sweden)
Dr. S. Fietz, Stellenbosch Univ (S Africa)
Prof. D. Olago, Nairobi Univ (Kenya)
Prof. Horng-Sheng Mii, NNTU (Taiwan)


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CV in short

  • 2018
    Head, Vernadsky Section, TEMA-M
  • 2018
    Associate Professor, Linköping University
  • 2011
    Senior Lecturer, Linköping University
  • 2009
    Associate Professor, IISER.Kolkata
  • 2004
    Docent, Researcher, Stockholm University
  • 2000
    Assistant professor, Stockholm University


  • Main supervisor
    Dennis Njagi
    Andrew Minu

  • Co-supervisor
    Kasun Gayantha, Max Planck-Jena
    Rajendra Bhandasi, Kathmandu University
    Kousik Das
    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

  • MPhil/MSc
    Chen Luo
    Yiannis Arnis


Graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Climate Change and Policy
  • Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Organic geochemistry
  • Introductory Geology
  • Sustainable Business - An Environmental Perpective

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About the department
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