Photo of Karin Gibson

Karin Gibson

Senior Coordinator

International Coordinator at the International Office.


I work with an exciting and interesting mix of tasks.
Responsible internationalisation ultimately involves balancing between being naive and vigilant, between being open and collaborating internationally to address global challenges, but also being restrictive with international collaborations to protect LiU's and Sweden's interests and security. One of my tasks is to work towards increased awareness within LiU about this delicate balance.

As the coordinator for Scholars at Risk, I play a central role in LiU's membership in the international organisation and also work on LiU's reception of scholars who are exposed to threats and risks in their home countries. I also provide support and participate in reviewing when LiU enters into international cooperation agreements in the field of education.

My main responsibilities are:

  • Responsible internationalisation
  • Scholars at Risk
  • International cooperation agreements in the field of education


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