Prevention and early detection of skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most rapidly increasing cancer form in Sweden, as well as in many parts of the western society. Finding effective strategies for early detection and to prevent the development of skin cancers is therefore of paramount importance.

Läkare undersöker leverfläck med förstoringsglas

My research focuses mainly on skin cancer prevention, including sun habits, sun protection and risk communication. In my thesis”Towards a broader use of phototesting – in research, clinical practice and skin cancer prevention”, I studied how phototesting (measurement of ultraviolet sensitivity in the skin) can be further developed. I also looked at how to work preventively against skin cancer in primary care.

I am a general practitioner and associate professor in general medicine, having my clinical assignment at Kärna primary healthcare centre in Linköping, also working as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University.

Alongside my main field of research, I am also involved in several other projects with emphasis on primary care / family medicine, including research on elderly, global health, and gastrointestinal diseases, among others, and is the supervisor for several PhD students. 

About me


  • 1998 Degree of Medical Doctor
  • 2001 Medical License
  • 2006 Specialist in General Practice
  • 2007 PhD
  • 2014 Docent in General Practice
  • 2017 Ass. Professor


Education assignments

  • Besides PhD student supervision I am also involved in the Linköping University Medical School, mainly teaching in the fields of general practice and patient-doctor consultation