Photo of Marcus Bendtsen

Marcus Bendtsen

Senior Associate Professor

Digital interventions can help individuals change their behaviours - my research is focused on quantitative estimation of the effects of interventions, including for whom the interventions are most beneficial and how they effect society.


I am a senior associate professor in biostatistics in public health. My focus is on the estimation of effects of interventions and its methodological challenges.

My research is centred on digital lifestyle interventions, for instance mobile phone-based interventions that aim to help individuals reduce their alcohol consumption. I primarily aim to investigate the effects of lifestyle interventions through quantitative means: the total effect on a population, the effect on specific individuals, identification of subgroups for whom the interventions have the greatest/least effect, and how interventions effect different mediating psychosocial factors.

Bayesian statistics offer an alternative to the point estimating and dichotomising tradition that is prevalent today. I actively seek to spread knowledge about this alternative through publications and seminars, and through the use of Bayesian statistics in my own research.

I teach at both the medical and technical faculties at Linköping University. At the medical faculty, I am involved in e-health-related courses for master's students and epidemiology for Ph.D. and medical students. At the technical faculty, I am the examiner and course leader for the IT engineers' project course, and I am also part of the planning committee for the IT engineers.

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