Amadeus principally aims to develop and improve already existing health promotion interventions aimed at students.

More specifically, we would like to develop innovative SMS-based interventions offering support to students with risky drinking, interventions that can complement existing methods.

An innovative intervention

We will develop an innovative SMS-based alcohol intervention. The content and process of the intervention will be developed through an iterative process throughout 2015. During this process we hope to gain feedback from student focus groups, expert panels and theories, information that can improve the intervention further. A pilot study will be carried out during 2016. A larger randomised study will be conducted during 2017 where students from different colleges and universities in Sweden will take part.

Valuable experience of randomised studies and SMS-interventions

The research group have long standing experience of collaborating with the Student health care centres (Studenthälsan) in Sweden and conducting large randomised studies. During 2014-2015 we carried out a large tobacco cessation study where all colleges and universities in Sweden took part. This study showed promising results and offered valuable experience in developing and implementing SMS-based interventions. 


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