Lifestyle Intervention Implementation Research Group

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Our health behaviours contribute to the majority of illnesses that are being treated in healthcare today. It is therefore important to develop, evaluate and implement behaviour change interventions that can contribute to an improved public health.

The emphasis of our research is to develop innovative solutions targeting health behaviour change on a population level. This endeavour includes the development of new technical solutions that are aimed at both health care staff and individuals. The motto “from farm to table” underlies all our research efforts. We develop new innovative internet-based interventions based on the need and preferences of individuals, we evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and study the integration of interventions in health care routines.

The information technology of tomorrow offers new opportunities for health behaviour change interventions

“How can we support individuals to participate in their own health together with health care services? “What hinders and opportunities are present in health care organisations today that can influence the implementation of innovative communication methods? How open are health care staff and patients to innovative ways to communicate? These are examples of research questions that our research group try to address. The group consists of a broad range of competencies from Medicine, Behavioural Science, Health care Science, Information and Technology Science, Public Health and Implementation Science. Our multi-disciplinary approach offers unique opportunities to conduct state-of-the-art research in the area of mobile health and health behaviour change.

Examples of platforms on which the interventions are built are:

  • Websites
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Mobile apps

We also work with administrative systems such as Internet access points where health care practitioners can administrate interventions and receive feedback on e.g., intervention usage.

The research group takes responsibility for the continued use and implementation of the interventions after the actual research process has been completed.

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