Photo of Marcus Gustafsson

Marcus Gustafsson

Associate Professor, Docent



Marcus Gustafsson (2024) Centralized or decentralized? How to exploit Sweden's agricultural biomethane potential Biofuels Continue to DOI
Marcus Gustafsson, Stephanie Cordova, Niclas Svensson, Mats Eklund (2024) Climate performance of liquefied biomethane with carbon dioxide utilization or storage Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, Vol. 192, Article 114239 Continue to DOI
Marcus Gustafsson (2024) Policy designs for biomethane promotion Biogas to biomethane: Engineering, Production, Sustainability, p. 301-320


Maria Georgiadou, Marcus Gustafsson, Stefano Proietti, Björn Fredriksson Möller, Themistoklis Sfetsas, Petteri Salonen, Jonas Stålhandske (2023) Innovative technologies for biomethane production: Review of the current state of the art
Marcus Gustafsson, Stephanie Cordova (2023) Värdeskapande av koldioxid från biogasproduktion