Photo of Maria Johansson

Maria Johansson

Senior Associate Professor



Christoffer Wadström, Maria Johansson, Gazi Salah Uddin (2023) Navigating uncertainty: exploring electricity demand dynamics in Swedish industrial sectors amid global shocksand instability Energy Efficiency, Article 95 Continue to DOI
Christoffer Wadström, Maria Johansson, Gazi Salah Uddin (2023) The influence of global and domestic uncertainty on electricity supply: A study of Swedish power sources Energy Reports, Vol. 10, p. 958-972 Continue to DOI
Louise Ödlund, Maria Johansson, Danica Djuric Ilic (2023) Towards Sustainable Energy Systems in a Backcasting Perspective
Igor Cruz, Danica Djuric Ilic, Maria Johansson (2023) Using flexible energy system interactions amongst industry, district heating, and the power sector to increase renewable energy penetration Energy Efficiency, Vol. 16, Article 53 Continue to DOI


Roozbeh Feizaghaii, Maria Johansson, Emma Lindkvist, Jan Moestedt, Sören Nilsson Påledal, Francesco Ometto (2022) The biogas yield, climate impact, energy balance, nutrient recovery, and resource cost of biogas production from household food waste - A comparison of multiple cases from Sweden Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 378, Article 134536 Continue to DOI


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