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I am an analytical sociologist applying advanced methods of statistical data analysis, laboratory and field experiments, and the toolbox of computational social science to three substantial research areas: social dynamics, norms, and inequality.

My work centers around how people form beliefs to guide their choices (e.g. to select a worthwhile book, to break only irregularly sanctioned rules), how people express their opinions, and how these behaviors interact to bring about often hard-to-predict collective outcomes (e.g. the emergence of bestsellers, normative change, swings in public discourse).

I hold a PhD in sociology from LMU Munich, Germany. My articles received the Robert-K-Merton-Award (2017), the Karl-Polanyi-Award (2016), and the Anatol-Rapoport-Award (2014). My work has been published in international journals such as Social Forces, European Sociological Review, Environment & Behavior, Management Science, and Science Advances.

At IAS, I head an international research group studying the dynamics of public discourse based on online text. Funded by a generous grant from the Swedish Research Council, we develop machine-learning applications for the analysis of text in sociology. Using digitized corpora as social sensors, our research explores sudden swings in public opinion and the definition of shared understandings of societal developments and events.

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Selected works

Three recent publications

• Keuschnigg, M., Lovsjö, N., & Hedström, P. 2018. Analytical sociology and computational social science. Journal of Computational Social Science 1 (1), 3-14.

• Keuschnigg, M. & Kratz, F. 2017. Thou shalt recycle: How social norms of environmental protection narrow the scope of the low-cost hypothesis. Environment & Behavior, Online First.

• Keuschnigg, M. & Wimmer, T. 2017. Is category spanning truly disadvantageous? New evidence from primary and secondary movie markets. Social Forces 96 (1), 449-79.

Three often cited works

• Keuschnigg, M. & Wolbring, T. 2015. Disorder, social capital, and norm violation: Three field experiments on the broken windows thesis. Rationality and Society 27 (1), 96-126.

• Wolbring, T., Keuschnigg, M., & Negele, E. 2013. Needs, comparisons, and adaptation: The importance of relative income for life satisfaction. European Sociological Review 29 (1), 86-104.

• Keuschnigg, M. & Ganser, C. 2017. Crowd wisdom relies on agents’ ability in small groups with a voting aggregation rule. Management Science 63 (3), 818-828

Latest publications


Felix Bader, Bastian Baumeister, Roger Berger, Marc Keuschnigg

On the Transportability of Laboratory Results

In Sociological Methods & Research

Article in journal


Marc Keuschnigg, Niclas Lovsjö, Peter Hedström

Analytical sociology and computational social science

In , Journal of Computational Social Science

Article in journal

Marc Keuschnigg, Fabian Kratz

Thou Shalt Recycle: How Social Norms of Environmental Protection Narrow the Scope of the Low-Cost Hypothesis

In Environment and Behavior

Article in journal