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• Keuschnigg, M., Lovsjö, N., & Hedström, P. 2018. Analytical sociology and computational social science. Journal of Computational Social Science 1 (1), 3-14.

• Keuschnigg, M. & Kratz, F. 2017. Thou shalt recycle: How social norms of environmental protection narrow the scope of the low-cost hypothesis. Environment & Behavior, Online First.

• Keuschnigg, M. & Wimmer, T. 2017. Is category spanning truly disadvantageous? New evidence from primary and secondary movie markets. Social Forces 96 (1), 449-79.

Ofta citerade arbeten

• Keuschnigg, M. & Wolbring, T. 2015. Disorder, social capital, and norm violation: Three field experiments on the broken windows thesis. Rationality and Society 27 (1), 96-126.

• Wolbring, T., Keuschnigg, M., & Negele, E. 2013. Needs, comparisons, and adaptation: The importance of relative income for life satisfaction. European Sociological Review 29 (1), 86-104.

• Keuschnigg, M. & Ganser, C. 2017. Crowd wisdom relies on agents’ ability in small groups with a voting aggregation rule. Management Science 63 (3), 818-828.

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