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Martin Södermark

I am involved in a number of research projects on the evidence of psychological treatments for long-term pain as well as evaluation of specific interventions in pain and depression.




Martin Södermark (2023) Emotion Regulation in Pain: Developing Effective Interventions for Patients with Pain and Emotional Distress


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Martin Södermark, Steven J. Linton, Hugo Hesser, Ida Flink, Björn Gerdle, Katja Boersma (2020) What Works? Processes of Change in a Transdiagnostic Exposure Treatment for Patients With Chronic Pain and Emotional Problems The Clinical Journal of Pain, Vol. 36, p. 648-657 Continue to DOI


Katja Boersma, Martin Södermark, Hugo Hesser, Ida K. Flink, Björn Gerdle, Steven J. Linton (2019) Efficacy of a transdiagnostic emotion-focused exposure treatment for chronic pain patients with comorbid anxiety and depression: a randomized controlled trial Pain, Vol. 160, p. 1708-1718 Continue to DOI
Helene Veenstra, Peter Lundberg, Péter Alföldi, Martin Södermark, Thomas Graven-Nielsen, Anna Sjors, Maria Engström, Björn Gerdle (2019) Chronic widespread pain patients show disrupted cortical connectivity in default mode and salience networks, modulated by pain sensitivity Journal of Pain Research, Vol. 12, p. 1743-1755 Continue to DOI