Video analysis of human interaction

Every naturally occurring activity has its own specific sets of available resources for action. For example, spoken language is often a central communicative resource in human interaction. However, in most situations talk is not the only resource at hand. When we speak to each other, we often have the possibility also to see each other. This makes it possible to use the body and its relation to the material surround for communicative purposes. Therefore, when we communicate in real time we usually mobilise a number of mutually dependent and simultaneous behaviours. One example is when we point. The pointing hand often needs a verbal utterance for the recipient to understand, and, reflexively, the verbal utterance needs the pointing hand to be fully understood. The scientific approach that takes a particular interest in communication and interaction by means of several communicative resources is called multimodal interaction analysis, or multimodal conversation analysis, and this is where my own work is mainly situated.

Based on detailed analyses of video recordings of a range of situations – where people speak French, Swedish or English – I have identified a number of everyday and professional ways of accomplishing particular actions, and showed their practical relevance in different activities. How people close down conversational sequences, theatre goers laugh together and camera operators move their cameras to communicate to the control room in live TV production are some of the things that I have so far studied. For the last few years, I have been studying how people learn to drive in driving schools, for example how trainee drivers manifestly become more competent over time. Currently, I also study news production processes in and for a variety of media.

I teach courses in interaction analysis, linguistics and French at the Department of Culture and Communication (IKK). Presently, I am the head of Modern Languages at IKK.

Supervision of PhD students



Mathias Broth, Jakob Cromdal, Lena Levin

Starting out as a driver: Progression in instructed pedal work

In Memory practices and learning

Chapter in book

Lena Levin, Jakob Cromdal, Mathias Broth, Ann-Danièle Gazin, Pentti Haddington, Paul McIlvenny, Helen Melander, Mirka Rauniomaa

Unpacking corrections in mobile instruction: Error-occasioned learning opportunities in driving, cycling and aviation training

In Linguistics and Education

Article in journal


Mattias Arvola, Mathias Nordvall, Mathias Broth

Transmodal interaction and user experience

In Proceedings of the 12'th SweCog Conference

Conference paper