Dr. Michael Rosander is Associate Professor of Psychology. His main research interests are groups in all forms and sizes – processes within and between groups from small workgroups to crowds. In his research there is a focus on different types of workplaces and how different organizational factors affect individuals, work groups and the organization as a whole. An important aspect is to investigate how negative exposures, e.g. workplace bullying, can be understood and prevented. This includes the impact of the organizational and social work environment on the wellbeing of individuals, but also how it affects the organization.

Currently he leads two research projects on workplace bullying in the workplace funded by AFA insurance and Forte. In this, data are collected longitudinally on organizational and social work environment, health and various aspects of negative exposures at work from a representative selection from the Swedish workforce. It is part of the overall research project called WHOLE which also includes longitudinal data from different types of organizations.

His research has also covered studies of crowds in connection with demonstrations and sports, parental groups in primary care, leadership at incident sites (cooperation between ambulance, emergency services and police), and PBL groups.

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