Dr. Michael Rosander is Associate Professor of Psychology. His main research interests are groups in all forms and sizes - processes within and between groups from small workgroups to crowds - and how the individual is affected by being part of or identifying with a group or a social category. In his research, he has for example studied crowds at demonstrations and sporting events, parent groups in primary care, joint incident commands in connection to accidents, and PBL groups. 




Michael Rosander, Stefan Blomberg

The WHOLE picture: Measurement of Psychosocial Work Environment


Anita Berlin, Michael Rosander, Karin Forslund Frykedal, Mia Barimani

Walk the talk: Leader behavior in parental education groups

In Nursing and Health Sciences

Article in journal

M. Barimani, Karin Forslund Frykedal, Michael Rosander, A. Berlin

Childbirth and parenting preparation in antenatal classes

In Midwifery

Article in journal

Eva Hammar Chiriac, Michael Rosander, Sally Wiggins

Enhancing psychological literacy  through a group selection exercise.



Eva Hammar Chiriac, Michael Rosander, Sally Wiggins

Forming groups: Enhancing psychological literacy through a group selection exercise

Conference paper

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