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Niclas Svensson

Associate professor, Head of Unit

I conduct research about and teach in environmental systems analysis. I also study resource efficient biogas solutions and how resources in subsurface infrastructure and landfills can be managed and circulated.

Environmental systems analysis


I have more than 20 years’ experience of research in the field environmental system analysis and have done life cycle assessment on several types of systems. The last years research focus has centred on development and studies on resource efficient biogas solutions and how resources in the technosphere, such as hibernating materials in cities and landfills, can be recovered and cycled back in to use in society. The biogas studies is in the competence centre, Biogas Research Centre, where I have been the project leader of the quantitative system studies. The research has gone from individual plant performance to how a future bioeconomy is influenced by biogas solutions.

Research about resources is done within the research group Resources 2.0 in which I have supervised doctorate students in the areas of  ”urban mining” and “landfill mining”, but I have also performed quantitative system studies on different types of implementation strategies of these two concepts. The research about urban mining has also led to a shift of research focus into sustainable management of sub-surface infrastructure.


I am responsible for two courses in the area of Industrial Ecology and Environmental systems analysis. Furthermore, I am coordinator for the master’s programme in Sustainability Engineering and Management. In 2011 I was awarded “This year’s pedagogue” at the Philosophical faculty at LiU.

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