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Niklas Johansson

Adjunct Assistant Lecturer


Cover of publication 'A Resource for Quantum Computation'
Niklas Johansson (2021)



David Hasselquist, Niklas Johansson, Niklas Carlsson (2023) Now is the Time: Scalable and Cloud-supported Audio Conferencing using End-to-End Homomorphic Encryption PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2023 CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY WORKSHOP, CCSW 2023, p. 41-53 Continue to DOI
Johannes Wilson, Mikael Asplund, Niklas Johansson (2023) Extending the Authentication Hierarchy with One-Way Agreement 2023 IEEE 36th Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF), p. 214-228 Continue to DOI
Niklas Johansson, Felix Huber, Jan-Åke Larsson (2023) Conjugate Logic The Quantum-Like Revolution: A Festschrift for Andrei Khrennikov, p. 157-180 Continue to DOI


Niklas Johansson (2021) A Resource for Quantum Computation


Niklas Johansson, Jan-Åke Larsson (2019) Quantum Simulation Logic, Oracles, and the Quantum Advantage Entropy, Vol. 21, Article 800 Continue to DOI


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