Information Coding (ICG)

Quantum technology and information security.

InformationskodningPhoto credit: Thor BalkhedThe Division of Information Coding performs research and education within quantum technology and provable information security, currently concentrated on quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and information-theoretic security. The division also holds undergraduate courses in more general information technology, cryptography, and image and video coding. The group is led by Associate Professor Guilherme B Xavier.

Research activities

Our research lab offers quantum-optical equipment that we use to conduct research into next-generation secure communication systems, also known as “quantum cryptography”, in which security is guaranteed by the quantum properties of light.

Our theoretical research concerns quantum computers, quantum algorithms, and Shannon-theoretic algorithms, how they work, as well as why quantum computers have larger computational power than standard computers.


Courses given by the Division of Information Coding


Image of photonic chip.

Improved quantum cryptography with optical circuit

An optical circuit capable of ensuring the security of quantum cryptography. The idea that researchers Alvaro Alarcón and Guilherme B. Xavier had five years ago has now been tested and could pave the way for the future of secure communication.

AI-generated image with a robot attempting to write the word security.

How can AI be made secure and used to create safety?

Recently, a full-day seminar on AI and Security was held at Linköping University. The seminar was organized by SWECA in collaboration with Linköping University, the County Administrative Board of Östergötland, and The Swedish Police Authority.

ELLIIT Joint Autonomous Systems Lab in Linköping and Lund showcasing autonomous robot.

The University Board on Study Visit to Visionen

In December 2023, the university board visited the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY). In the research arena Visionen, examples were presented highlighting Linköping University's crucial role in technological and societal development.

Blue laser in dark laboratory.

Quantum communication tested on a large scale

So-called quantum encryption will ensure the security of sensitive information – but this new technology has to be tested outside the lab environment. LiU is therefore taking part in a project studying secure communication channels of the future.

Two persons in a lab with a laserinstrument infront of them on a table full of cables.

Better cybersecurity with new material

Digital information exchange can be safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly with the help of a new type of random number generator for encryption developed at LiU. The technology paves the way for a new type of quantum communication.

This gives advantages to quantum algorithms

Listen to Professor Jan-Åke Larssons talk at the Cavendish Quantum Information Seminar Series, on what gives advantages to quantum algorithms.

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