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Ola J Hedin


A healthy economy for me is a question of keeping the financial routines at ISAK in good order. I consider myself successful in my work when I can ensure that financial management is a tool to create more opportunities for research and education. 


Budgetary planning and control, project planning and accounting are the cornerstones in my work as financial officer. Contact me for issues relating to:


  • Budgetary planning and control, financial planning, project planning
  • Financial reporting, accounting information
  • Supplier invoices
  • Routines for authorising payment, delegation, and the right to enter into contracts
  • Contracts, contract formulation

Research grants

  • Budgetary planning and full costing calculations when submitting an application
  • Financial reporting, accounting information
  • Requisitioning of approved grants

Purchasing and procurement

  • Purchasing, purchase orders 
  • Support during purchasing and procurement
  • System support for Raindance

Working groups and networks

  • ISAK Departmental Management 
  • ISAK Management Group
  • LiU Finance & Accounting Process Group
  • LiU Accounting processes, Budget & Controlling
  • LiU Procurement officers network

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