Photo of Per Frankelius

Per Frankelius

Associate Professor, Docent

Society faces major challenges. Several of these have their solution in agriculture. My research goal is to understand and stimulate innovative processes primarily in agriculture. One key, definitely, is marketing.


My research triangle: innovation, marketing and external analysis

The recurrent theme in my research is innovative processes. Sometimes they lead to innovations. I define the term innovation simply as ”original concepts that gain a foothold into society”. Therefore, I would argue, marketing and external factor analysis are natural parts of innovation.

In my doctoral dissertation, an attempt was made to develop a theory of external world factors, and their interaction with innovation processes, based on a study of the emergence of the DNA technology.

Since then I have studied i.e. inventions and business development in ”greentech” companies. One goal has been to develop visual models of companies’ development over time. I have wanted to understand the interaction between innovative processes and outside world factors. I am particularly interested in "X Factors", that is to say external factors that are not central to the mainstream economic models.

Early it emerged a vision of developing a "nature-economic theory". As a consequence, in 1996, I realized that Carl Linnaeus's most famous book was not translated from Latin. My studies, partly down in the basement of Linnean Society in London, resulted in a translation of ”Systema Naturae” (in collaboration with Bertil Aldén). The analysis showed that Linnaeus was an innovation economist as much as the "king of flowers".

My current research is focused on a try to understand and stimulate innovations in agriculture.



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