Lab for the Study of Unpleasant Sensations

My laboratory’s interests revolve around understanding the peripheral nervous system’s role in acute and persistent pain using microneurography (single-unit afferent recordings in awake humans) combined with targeted pharmacological and psychophysical approaches.

A recent focus area is understanding how the nervous system creates and modulates perceptions linked to the activation of very fast-conducting myelinated nociceptors in health and disease.

Current lab members are Otmane Bouchatta (postdoc), Kevin Ng (postdoc), Oumie Thorell (PhD candidate), and Emma Kindström (research engineer).


Our Research

Learn more about our lab's current research through this promotional interview I did with the European Pain Federation.



Lab members


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Steven J. Middleton, Irene Perini, Andreas C. Themistocleous, Greg A. Weir, Kirsty McCann, Allison M. Barry, Andrew Marshall, Michael Lee, Leah M. Mayo, Manon Bohic, Georgios Baskozos, India Morrison, Line S. Loken, Sarah Mcintyre, Saad Nagi, Roland Staud, Isac Sehlstedt, Richard D. Johnson, Johan Wessberg, John N. Wood, Christopher G. Woods, Aziz Moqrich, Håkan Olausson, David L. Bennett (2022) Na(v)1.7 is required for normal C-low threshold mechanoreceptor function in humans and mice Brain, Vol. 1145, p. 3637-3653 Continue to DOI




BMedSci (Hons), PhD

School of Medicine, Western Sydney University, Australia

About me

Academic merits

  • Western Sydney University Medal for Outstanding Scholarship (2009)
  • Western Sydney University Dean’s Merit List for Academic Excellence (2006–2008)


  • Best Abstract Prize, European Pain Federation Congress, Spain (2019)
  • Society for Investigative Dermatology Eugene M. Farber Travel Award for “outstanding abstract” at the 65th Montagna Symposium on the Biology of Skin, US (2016)

Teaching experience

  • I have extensive experience in conducting problem-based learning tutorials for medical students in their foundation (pre-clinical) years. I also deliver occasional lectures.


  • Adjunct Fellow, Western Sydney University