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Sara Liin

Associate Professor, Docent

Each heart beat and nervous impulse is made possible by well-controlled flow of ions through specialized proteins, ion channels. I try to understand how mutated ion channels cause disease and how to develop new treatment strategies.

To understand and take control of the electric activity in the body

Specialized proteins – ion channels – are critical for our heart rhythm and signaling within the nervous system. Mutated, dysfunctional ion channels can cause severe disease.

In my research, I try to understand the very fine molecular details of how mutations impair ion channel function. I also aim to develop new pharmacological avenues to restore the function of these ion channels. 

My research group works with ion channels that play important roles in the heart, nervous system and muscle tissue. However, I am particularly interested in cardiac ion channels. Mutations in these ion channels cause cardiac arrhythmias in patients, such as atrial and ventricular fibrillation, which may cause sudden cardiac death. How specific mutations cause cardiac arrhythmia is not known for many mutations and there is no medical drug that restores the function of these channels. My hope is that our research will contribute to improved treatments for these arrhythmias and related disorders. 




About me


Associate Professor at Linköping University 

2020 -

Assistant Professor at Linköping University 
2016 - 2020

Junior group leader at Linköping University

PhD in Neurobiology

Master in Medical Biology


2021 Eric K Fernström award for young scientists

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Miami

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, SciLifeLab



Medical Programme

Master Programme in Medical Biosciences