Cardiac rhythm - Molecular ion channel physiology

Molekylär jonkanalsfysiologi
Photo credit: Thor Balkhed/LiU

To understand and control the electric activity in our body

In our research, we study the very fine molecular details of a family of specialized proteins – ion channels. Ion channels generate and regulate the electric activity that underlies each heart beat and nervous impulse. We use electrophysiological and fluorescence techniques together with computational approaches to measure the electric activity of ion channels and track the conformational rearrangements that open and close ion channels. 

We are particularly interested in understanding how inherited mutations in voltage-gated ion channels cause disorders such as the cardiac arrhythmia ventricular fibrillation. Moreover, we develop chemical compounds that help dysfunctional ion channels regain their function. We hope that our research will provide a better understanding of inherited disorders caused by dysfunctional ion channels and improved future treatments for those affected.

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