Information systems in emergency and crisis management 

I am Professor in Informatics and director of the Centre for Advanced Research in Emergency Response (CARER), meaning that I perform and lead interdisciplinary research in the areas of response systems, emergency management, and crisis management.

My own research perspectives embrace organizational development and learning, user-centred design, participatory design, CSCW, co-production and citizen engagement. This in application areas such as response systems, crisis management, and command and control systems.

In 2015, CARER received 20 million SEK to further develop an interdisciplinary research environment focusing on method- and technology development on for effective response at the incident site of tomorrow. I am the head of this programme. Altogether, this implies that I work across the faculties and with a number of research institutions, including management, research and supervision tasks. My research is carried out in close co-operations with practitioners.


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