Photo of Sofi Sonesson

Sofi Sonesson

Senior Associate Professor, Head of Division, Head of Unit

Senior associate professor of physiotherapy and specialist physiotherapist in sports medicine and head of Unit of Physiotherapy. I conduct research and teach in physiotherapy and sports medicine.


Research and teaching in physiotherapy with special interest in physical activity and sports medicine.

In my research, I study incidence of injuries and illnesses in sports, risk factors for health problems and preventive interventions. I work with developing exercise programs with the aim to prevent injuries, evaluation of interventions and I study implementation of injury prevention programs.

I also do research on rehabilitation after knee injuries, with a special focus on anterior cruciate ligament injuries. I study movement patterns and muscle function, effects of rehabilitation, recovery from injury and return to exercise and sports activity.

I teach at bachelor and advanced level of the Physiotherapy program and in various courses. I teach primarily in the areas of physical exercise, sports medicine and diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

About me


  • Senior associate Professor of Physiotherapy, LiU 2022
  • Docent (Associate Professor) of Physiotherapy, LiU 2021
  • Specialist competence in Physiotherapy with a focus on Sports Medicine, 2014
  • PhD, LiU 2008
  • Physiotherapy bachelor degree, LiU 2000
  • Doctoral student supervision ongoing Timmy Gustafsson (main supervisor), Ida Åkerlund, Kalle Torvaldsson (assistant supervisor); completed: Hanna Tigerstrand Grevnerts (dissertation 2019, assistant supervisor)

Fields of Teaching

  • Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Sports medicine
  • Laboratory work in the motion science laboratory
  • Supervisor and examiner for degree projects at bachelor's, and master's level.


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Cover of publication ''
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