Research and teaching in physiotherapy with special interest in physical activity and sports medicine.

In my research, I study incidence of injuries and illnesses in sports, risk factors for health problems and preventive interventions. I work with developing exercise programs with the aim to prevent injuries, evaluation of interventions and I study implementation of injury prevention programs.

I also do research on rehabilitation after knee injuries, with a special focus on anterior cruciate ligament injuries. I study movement patterns and muscle function, effects of rehabilitation, recovery from injury and return to exercise and sports activity.

I teach at bachelor and advanced level of the Physiotherapy program and in various courses. I teach primarily in the areas of physical exercise, sports medicine and diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

About me


  • Senior associate Professor of Physiotherapy, LiU 2022
  • Docent (Associate Professor) of Physiotherapy, LiU 2021
  • Specialist competence in Physiotherapy with a focus on Sports Medicine, 2014
  • PhD, LiU 2008
  • Physiotherapy bachelor degree, LiU 2000
  • Doctoral student supervision (assistant supervisor), ongoing: Ida Åkerlund, Kalle Torvaldsson; completed: Hanna Tigerstrand Grevnerts (dissertation 2019).

Fields of Teaching

  • Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Sports medicine
  • Laboratory work in the motion science laboratory
  • Supervisor and examiner for degree projects at bachelor's, and master's level.