Deputy Head of Department and Researcher

Professor Samuelsson is Professor of Education, specialising in special needs education. He is also senior subject supervisor for research into reading and writing skills/dyslexia at the Division of Education, Teaching and Learning. For the last 20 years Samuelsson has been in charge of a number of projects focusing on reading and writing development and reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia. His research also focuses on early cognitive and language development in children and their relationship with their first reading and writing learning and the risk of the early development of reading and writing disabilities. 

As well as focusing on children, adolescents and adults in general, a number of the research projects have focused on specific groups of individuals such as children born with low birth weights or adult prisoners.

Samuelsson is currently engaged in a genetic behaviour project which, among other things, studies the genetic and environmental influences on a child’s early cognitive and language development, early reading and writing learning, reading and writing disabilities and mathematics. 







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