Photo of Thomas Larsson

Thomas Larsson

Research Engineer

Wood is often the most eco-friendly, rapid and cheap material for making test models.

Research engineer in the IEI workshops

I am a carpenter with more than thirty years of experience. In the woodwork and composite shop, one of the IEI workshops, I make it possible for students, colleagues, and external companies to create, for example, prototypes and functional models.

I have trained as a teacher, and it is thus really great to be able to combine in my work an interest in technology with the role of teacher and supervisor. Working with students is always fun and stimulating.

My background

I worked as a teacher of cabinet-making and design in upper secondary schools for nearly 18 years. I have also worked in the business world with interior design and marine woodwork, and in this way obtained experience in manufacturing. I have broad experience, and can put my hand to pretty much anything within woodwork.

Technology and workshop unit