Photo of Per Johansson

Per Johansson


I work mainly in the metalwork shop, one of the IEI workshops. We’re a great team in the workshops. We help each other solve tasks, both possible and impossible, to support researchers and students bringing their ideas to reality.

Technician in the IEI workshops

I manufacture various products for our researchers in the metalwork shop, one of the IEI workshops. It can be anything from building a rig for their research projects to developing a prototype or test rods.

In the IEI workshops we also help our students of engineering with their projects. They bring well-prepared drawings to us, and we guide them through the preparation process. We have practical experience, and we see things with fresh eyes. If a student gets stuck, we can put them back on the right path.

My background

I have long experience of metalworking both in manufacturing and problem solving. My background is in the workshop industry, where I have worked with the manufacture of tools and fittings, and operated several specialist machines.

Technology and workshop unit