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Johanna Hagander


Developing, varying, challenging. These three words describe how I experience my work as technician in the Linköping University workshop in the A Building, Campus Valla.

Technician in the IEI workshops

I work as technician at IEI, where I work mainly in the metalwork shop, one of the IEI workshops in the A Building, Campus Valla.

Our workshops include both a metalwork shop and a woodwork and composite shop. I have been associated with the IEI workshops since becoming employed as technician here in August 2019. The jobs that end up with me mainly come from students, researchers and teachers at IEI, while other departments at LiU also order workshop services from us.

Examples of the workshop techniques we offer:

  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Lathework
  • Water jet cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Wire electrical discharge machining

Several exciting and interesting commissions return every year. Delsbo Electric and LiU Formula Student are two examples in which my colleagues and I participate to manufacture items based on student calculations and drawings. It is both educational and challenging to take part in the manufacturing process. And it’s really exciting to see engineering students bring their degree projects to reality.

My background

I have trained as a welder and have many years experience running my own company in the welding industry.

IEI-Nytt writes about Johanna

Johanna Hagander
Johanna Hagander in the metal workshop.  Per Johansson

What's it like – the only woman among male colleagues in the workshop?

– I’ve worked in workshops for many years and it’s never been an issue for me that most welders are men. Actually, I tend to forget that I’m the only woman. But I do notice that many people are impressed by my choice of career, even though I don’t think about it. I have never felt that I’ve been the subject of unfair treatment in any way. On the contrary, I tend to receive praise and appreciation.

Extract from an article about Johanna Hagander in IEI-Nytt (a newsletter for co-workers at IEI),

12 November 2020.

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