Photo of Per-Olof Karlsson

Per-Olof Karlsson

Research Engineer

I find it stimulating when students and co-workers come to work out their ideas and thoughts about a project. My background as teacher means that I enjoy this situation.

Research engineer in the IEI workshops

I work in the IEI workshops in the A Building, Campus Valla. My title is research engineer, and I work mainly in the metalwork shop, one of the IEI workshops.

My work includes the manufacture of fittings and fixtures for many different projects, and I also manufacture prototypes. We usually manufacture items in metal. We usually work with students, but commissions can also come from co-workers at LiU.

I also help to a certain extent with education, with such topics as design review, drawing review, and laboratory exercises.
My work is full of variation, and places large demands on me to find solutions to many ingenious and interesting ideas.

Example of projects are:

  • Many types of student projects
  • Laboratory equipment for teaching
  • Test rods for materials testing
  • LiU Formula Student
  • Delsbo Electric

My background

I worked as a teacher for approximately 20 years, both in upper secondary schools and in adult education. I have a degree in teaching, associated with the industrial programme of upper secondary teaching.

Technology and workshop unit