Teaching and research in marketing and strategy

My research focused on business models for commercial open source. The models I found, is now used by all players in the open source community. Nowadays, I am interested and teach about the brands within the B2B and SME. I meddle a little in open innovation and social media marketing.

Marketing, a lifelong interest

Marketing has always interested me. From me selling newspaper in the age of twelve, through role-playing conventions and student radio, to being a marketing manager of a company. This is also an area that is constantly evolving, thus making it interesting to follow.

Research on business models for commercial open source

I studied commercial open source companies and how their business models worked. I looked at, for example, the Swedish MySQL (now part of Oracle) and American Red Hat.


I found essentially two different business models. The Red Hat model, with subscription revenue models, is the leading commercial open source today. As the industry streamlined itself, business models were not as interesting to investigate further.

Brand’s significance for relationships of small and medium-sized enterprises

It is more interesting to explore the brand's importance to small and medium-sized companies working between companies Business-to-Business (B2B). I want to find out how much does minor corporate brands affect customers and suppliers.





Short facts

Academic exam

  • PhD. Linköping University 2012
  • Licentiate in Business Administration.  Linköping University 2008
  • Master in Business Administration. Uppsala University 2008
  • MBA, Uppsala University 2002
  • BA. Art and Visual Culture, Linköping University 1996
  • College degree: Humanities, Linköping University 1993



  • Chairman at Brunneby Musteri until 2019
  • Referee: International Conference on Information Systems 2010


  • Industrial Marketing (TEIM11)
  • Industrial Marketing (TEIM32)
  • Industrial sales (TEIE42)
  • Marketing Communications (TEIE56)
  • Industrial Economics (TEIE84)
  • Industrial Economics (TEIE06)
  • Graphic profiling and trademarks (TNGD22), Graphical projects with an international focus (TNGD28)


The supervisor and examiner for the thesis on Industrial Economics (TQI33) and Graphic Design and Communication (TQD10).


  • 2010 - The association Sambruk; expert on open source.
  • 2013: Competence Reinforcement in municipal open data - a VINNOVA-funded project led by Morus AB, Sambruk was a partner. Participated as Sambruks research representative.
  • 2012 - 2013: “Framtidsföretag” (Future Enterprises) in Östergötland - a joint project between Almi and Linköping University, funded by the European Regional Development Fund “European”, Regional Council Östsam, Almi and Linkoping University. Participated as a business advisor.
  • 2009 - 2011: Business Models for Open Source Software in the Public Sector: New Opportunities for Customers and Suppliers (Bossanova) - a collaboration between VINNOVA, Sambruk and Linkoping University. This resulted in my dissertation, among others.
  • 2005 - 2008: Open source software as a strategic resource - a project funded by Lundberg Foundations. The result was my licentiate thesis, among others.

Latest publications