Efficiency in public and freight transportation systems is of great importance for a society. Railways offer high capacity and low environmental impact, but also have strong interdependencies between infrastructure and trains. The consequences are that maintenance and coordination of infrastructure activities and train operations is essential –
especially when demand for both traffic and maintenance is increasing.

My research interest concerns coordinated planning of infrastructure maintenance and traffic, primarily for railways. I mostly use methods from applied mathematics, operations research, optimization, scheduling algorithms and sometimes constraint programming – if possible with a link to transport economy and socioeconomic valuation methods. I share my work time between Linköping University and the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), where I belong to the unit Transport analytics and logistics (TAL) in Stockholm. At LiU I belong to the unit for Public Transport and Railways at Campus Norrköping, where I primarily conduct various research projects and teach in a few courses.

My main private interest is music. Previously I have been singing in, and conducted different choirs, but nowadays I focus primarily on playing cello in a string quartet.

Contacts/links: VTI, ResearchGate, LinkedIn