22 March 2022

Researchers from LiU and elsewhere in Sweden, together with invited
international scientists, will give talks focusing on a broad range of topics
around science, medicine and technology. Networking, interacting, and sharing ideas with known and new colleagues is some of the things that one can expect during WCMM Symposium, 21-22 April 2022.

People mingling at Building 511, Campus US.
WCMM Symposium 2022 takes place April 21-22 at the lecture hall Hugo Theorell at Campus US. It will also be possible to follow the event online.  The image is from another event at Campus US.

After two years of postponed symposia in 2020 and 2021, the possibility of a physical meeting has finally arrived.

"Since a big priority was to introduce Linköping to our invited speakers, we could only effectively do that by physically bringing them here!", say Antonios Pantazis and Walker Jackson, both WCMM Fellows at LiU and organizers of the event.

"Despite the advancements in virtual meetings, we believe that they are still no match for networking, interacting, and sharing ideas with our colleagues as physical meetings. Of course, parts of the symposium will be available to join online.", Antonios and Walker explain.

Two merged images with portraits of Antonios Pantazis and Walker Jackson.Antonios Pantazis and Walker Jackson, both WCMM Fellows at LiU and organizers of the event.

The fourth Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine, WCMM Symposium on 21-22 April 2022, is a two-day event organized in the lecture hall Hugo Theorell at Campus US.

Photo credit Emma Busk WinquistSara Liin will give a talk at this year's WCMM Symposium.

One speaker that will attend the symposium on site is Sara Liin, Associate Professor at LiU.

"I find it inspiring and developing with researcher meetings across subject / faculty boundaries. I look forward to the committed crowd that arises when researchers meet physically. I also look forward to interesting lectures and maybe ideas for new methods and techniques to consider.", says Sara and continues.

"I think the program seems to contain a nice mix of internal and external speakers. I am especially looking forward to listening to the lecture by Stephan Pless. We do research in the same field, and he is one of my role models."

Raise awareness of WCMM-LiU

The days are divided into three sessions. On day one, on April 21st, the first session is called "From Molecules to Behavior". On day two, Friday April 22nd, there are two sessions titled “Cutting Edge of Research and Technology in the Life Sciences and Medicine” and “Cell Signaling and Reprogramming”.

Why do you organize a WCMM Symposium?
"Our principal goal is to raise awareness of our center, both within and outside LiU; and to raise awareness of our university, to invited speakers from elsewhere in Sweden or Europe.", explains Antonios and Walker.

Could you comment on the program?
"Our invited speakers from outside the WCMM are leaders in their fields, or upcoming investigators who are already making a big impact. We picked speakers within the WCMM who were more recently hired or otherwise had not presented in recent symposia.

What can one expect to get out of these two days?
"Talks on a broad selection of topics - centered on neuroscience and development, but also cutting-edge research and technology in medicine, our center’s defining principle. There will be a poster session for registered trainees. Chances to network will happen over lunch, dinner and - of course - fika!"

Why should one attend the WCMM Symposium 2022?
"To immerse oneself to the cutting-edge of neuroscience, development, science and technology - while sharing your own research! Interact with known colleagues and meet new ones."



  • April 21-22
  • Lecture hall Hugo Theorell, Campus US and online
  • Registration is open until April 16
  • Poster presentation (deadline for Abstract and Title April 6)
  • More information can be found via this link (click here)

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