Environmental Management

The research focuses on change processes and environmental management and is conducted on the basis of perspective from engineering, economics and the social sciences.

For example, the researchers are studying how environmental issues and environmental perspectives lead to companies' products and services changing and how that in turn affects both the environment and the companies' profitability.

They are also studying municipalities', cities' and organisations' role in efforts to achieve sustainability. The environmental perspective can change both technical systems and organisations, but structures, policies and systems may also perpetuate old mindsets and constitute barriers to the development towards a more resource-efficient society.

LiU also coordinates the research programme Mistra REES - Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions. The programmes vision is to advance the transition of the Swedish manufacturing industry towards a circular and sustainable economy.


Collage with images of the sun, soil. tomatoes, algae, water and plastic bottles

Resource productivity and sustainable business growth

Globally, natural and economic systems face growing challenges, all linked to ever increasing primary, and mostly fossil, resource use and pollutant emissions.

A picture of metal laser.

Sustainable supply chains in Swedish industry

The project studies models and approaches that large companies are currently working with to promote an upstream sustainable supply chain, identify success factors and develop a new unique model for supplier sustainability assurance.


International research shows that there is no available knowledge of where energy is used in Swedish industry. The project aims to cover this knowledge gap about where energy is in fact used, the so-called energy end-use.


Professor Mattias Lindahl is contributing to a global ISO standard

There are hundreds of definitions of circular economy in the world, which leads to confusion. A new ISO standard with a definition widely accepted and disseminated will remedy the situation.

Mistra REES

Mistra to continue funding research into circular economy transition

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research has granted SEK 47 million for four years to Mistra REES. The aim of the programme is to facilitate the transition by Swedish manufacturing industry to a circular economy.

Four countries gather to discuss the health of the Baltic

The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted.  A research project led by LiU brought together representatives from different countries to discuss possible solutions to some of the environmental problems.