Efficient industrial energy use

Paper production factory in the sunset.
Photo: Stora Enso

Industry accounts for about 40 percent of the energy use in Sweden, where the major industrial energy use is found among the most energy-intensive industries, e.g. pulp and paper, steel, and chemical industries.

At the Division of Energy Systems, research has been conducted since 1980 on improved industrial energy efficiency in Swedish industry. We are one of the leading research groups in Sweden. 

The research group participates in several national and international research projects in related research areas. At the international level, we work with other leading research groups in areas such as industrial excess heat and energy efficiency of small and medium-sized industrial companies. At the national level, we conduct a number of research projects in areas such as the aluminum industry and its value chains, industrial excess heat, energy management in the Swedish pulp and paper industry, benchmarking of industrial energy end-use, enhancing/improving cooling processes in Swedish steel industry, energy systems analysis for improved resource efficiency of biogas solutions, interaction between business, energy and innovation strategies in the pulp and paper industry, and more. 

In addition to the direct benefit for the studied companies and industries in the form of improved energy efficiency and reduced negative environmental impact, the research has resulted in a number of different methods and tools for improved energy efficiency.

Interaction between theoretical and practical work

Theory may sometimes have a large impact on how decision-makers think and act. The research team has defined a number of new theoretical concepts such as the unit process concept, asymmetric energy policy shocks, the extended energy gap, the energy management gap, and more. The group has also developed several methods and tools for improved industrial energy efficiency.
Several of the published scientific articles are among the most cited articles internationally in their respective research areas.

Ongoing research projects


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