While some scientists clearly categorize themselves as historians, others have a multi-disciplinary identity. The research at Linköping University is characterized by both breadth and depth. It is primarily the last centuries of history that is being explored but there are also representatives of older periods.  

Subject-wise there is a large spread, which is beneficial both for students and for the exchange of knowledge between researchers and teachers. At the same time, there are some clear directions linked to other activities at the university. One such direction is cultural history and use of history, which is part of the extensive research on the role of culture in society. Another clear direction is the exploration of health issues from a historical perspective.


The Ageing and Social Change research environment

The Ageing and Social Change research environment conducts leading-edge research on key social, political and cultural issues of ageing.

Old photo in black and white at a group of people.

Centre for local history

The aim of the Centre is to support and develop research on local history and education by bringing about co-operation between professional researchers, instructors, school, teachers and the general public.

Older compass against a grey background.

COMPASS – A Research Hub on Knowledge Circulation

COMPASS is a research hub for interdisciplinary studies of  the creation and circulation of knowledge. It is based on the premise that the conditions of this circulation can be approached as a dynamics between forms and norms of knowledge


Portrait picture of Hans Sjögren.

Hans’s part-time retirement on hold following request from the Bonnier family

Not everyone suddenly gets an email from Carl-Johan Bonnier with an invitation to a meeting at Bonnier’s head office in Stockholm. But this happened to Professor Hans Sjögren.

Josefina Syssner and Jan-Ingvar Jönsson

Big donation boost for timely history research

Understanding our own history is of vital importance when Europe is once again at war. The subject of history at Linköping University (LiU) is now to receive a substantial boost through two new professorships in modern and local history respectively.


Why do we love the Viking Age?

From a historical perspective, the Viking Age was a short period. But it has left deep impressions. Over and over, interest in Vikings reemerges. Religious historian Fredrik Gregorius is to investigate what this fixation is all about.