Ångströmhuset - electron microscopy

Electron microscopy at Ångströmhuset

Ångströmhuset is a purpose-built environment, enabling continuous and noise free operation of one of the world’s sharpest (scanning) transmission electron microscopes.

Imaging and spectroscopy at atomic resolution enables researchers to address fundamental challenges about the organization of materials, atom by atom. Consequently, the instrument has a leading role in the Swedish National Infrastructure in Electron Microscopy, ARC.

Ångströmhuset is also the primary environment of the Electron Microscopy of Materials group at LiU, which represents a very strong and able user base for this microscope. The core group consist of materials scientists, with a dedication to, and specialization in electron microscopy.


The microscope is a FEI Titan3 60-300 with image and probe Cs correctors and a monochromated high brightness XFEG gun. Ångströmhuset is an ideal and noise free environment, which continuously enables supreme spatial and energy resolution. Available detectors include the large solid angle Super-X EDX and the Gatan Quantum ERS energy loss filter.


Research topics include 2D materials MXenes (and their parent nanolaminated phases MAX phases) as well as graphene, wide bandgap semiconductors, nanoparticles, nanorods, quantum device structures, as well as nitride and carbide composites or single crystals for hard coatings. 

Commonly investigated materials include:

  • nanolaminated MAX phases
  • 2D materials, graphene, MXene
  • wide bandgap semiconductors, SiC, AlN, GaN
  • nanoparticles, nanorods, quantum device structures
  • nitrides, carbides for hard coatings, including nanocomposites, multilayers and single crystals


The environment is a purpose built laboratory for the next generation of advanced microscopes. The house delivers one of the best available environments for cutting edge microscopy.

The core of the building is protected by a Faraday cage, 30 cm of concrete walls, a base cast directly on bedrock and an excessive cooling system.

Environmental conditions (with microscope installed)

Enviromental factor diagrams for ARWEN microscope in Ångströmhuset, IFM, Linköping University.




Use of microscope

This electron microscope lab is maintained by the Electron Microscopy of Materials group at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Anyone with a scientific challenge is invited to directly contact any of the group members directly, or to submit a proposal.

To use the electron microscope, please fill in the application form below. The form will be reviewed among the senior staff at regular staff meetings (bi-weekly). Under normal circumstances we do our best to accommodate requests, but reserve the right to reject applications which may prove harmful to the equipment or the operator. If the proposed investigation for any reason seems unlikely to be successful, we discuss the experimental boundaries with the applicants and jointly decide on a continued investigation.

Since Ångströmhuset is a National Infrastructure, the user fee is reduced for external universities, institutes and for small enterprises. (Not for regular users) Please contact per.persson@liu.se for more details or learn more about the infrastructure ARC.

The lab is also associated with the Swedish TEM network ARTEMI,  and we may suggest that the proposal is redirected to either of these labs based on more suitable equipment for the proposed experiment.

Based on the complexity of the microscope, the desire to run the microscope at optimum conditions continuously and to optimize the output of the investigation, one of the senior scientists will operate the microscope during the experiment. There is no extra fee for the operator, but we ask that the operator is given the opportunity to contribute to any scientific publication resulting from the investigation.