Electron Microscopy of Materials unit (EMM)

Olov Planthaber

Our research focuses on the application and development of advanced electron microscopy techniques to study the structure and chemistry of materials at the highest attainable spatial resolution. We apply our techniques to study a broad range of materials which we acquire through local, national and international collaborations. The most commonly investigated materials include;

  • nanolaminated MAX phases
  • 2D materials: graphene, MXene, BN
  • wide bandgap semiconductors, SiC, AlN, GaN
  • nanoparticles, nanorods, quantum device structures, multilayers, superlattices and nanocomposites
  • borides, carbides and nitrides for hard coatings


The group's interests specifically concerns the atomic structure and bonding of interfaces, precipitates, phase transformations and separations and metastable structures.

We excel in high resolution aberration corrected (S)TEM, spectroscopy, full potential fine structure calculations as well as image simulations.


Research environment

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