Brains & Bricks (B2) – Centre for Excellence in Construction Supply Chain Management 

Brains & Bricks – Linköping University and construction industry develop efficient logistics in construction processes.

Brains & Bricks – or shortly named B2 – is a Centre for Excellence in Construction Supply Chain Management. B2 stands for a new way of collaboration between the academies, the industry and the society, which is unique today. The industry, and the societies, experience and knowledge meets the researchers’ knowledge, and capability to challenge, in an interesting mix. Or in other words; problems find solutions – solutions creates new possibilities.

B2 combine modern science and hands-on construction with the purpose to support the construction industries improvement of planning, distribution and production.

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How can I get involved with Brains & Bricks?

As an active member of Brains & Bricks, you get access to a network, new knowledge and the opportunity to develop your business. 
You participate in B2 and the activities offered depending on whether you mainly want to take part in the results and the knowledge conveyed via B2, or if you want to be more actively involved in the development of the centre's activities. 
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Brains & Bricks wishes to express their gratitude to the following organizations that support us financially: 
Ahlsell Sverige AB, Fastighets AB L E Lundberg, NCC Sverige AB, Sankt Kors Fastighets AB