Construction Logistics

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We do research to increase the effectiveness in construction.

The research is empirically grounded, but strives towards developing normative tools, methods and models with the purpose to enhance effective construction logistics and management.

The goal is to facilitate smooth operations and to increase productivity, quality and timeliness of construction projects, mainly in the building sector.

A special focus is directed towards construction logistics and supply chain management in three different but interlinked areas: the supply chain upstream of the construction site, the operations at the construction site itself, and the interface between the site and the supply chain.

The foundation for this research is the L E Lundberg Chair in Construction Logistics, that was established in 2009 with the kind support from a donation provided by the L E Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education. 

Our research projects are divided into three research areas

  • Developing new methods and processes to enhance logistics and supply chain management in the construction industry.
  • The industrialization of construction, with a special focus on industrialized production methods and logistics for residential buildings
  • Developing decision support and planning systems for supply chain planning in construction, including VDC and BIM.

Current research projects

The current research projects cover the following main areas:

  •  Supply chain planning in construction
  • A client perspective on construction logistics
  • Total cost analysis of third party logistics in construction
  • A strategic analysis of indsutrialzed production of residential buildings
  • A simulation study of the on-situ concrete supply chain
  • Linking BIM and supply chain planning for effective planning of construction projects

Partners and cooperation

Companies and organisations: Arcona, Bo Klok, Cementa, JM Bostad AB, NCC Construction, Optimity, Peab, City of Stockholm, Vico Software, m.fl.

Universities: Cardiff University i Wales UK, NTNU i Trondheim Norway and the Swedish universities Chalmers (CTH) in Göteborg, KTH in Stockholm, LTH in Lund, LTU in Luleå.

Funding and financers

The L E Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education, SBUF – The Swedish Construction Industry Fund for Research and Development, Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency, ERA-NET (EU), and a set of companies (including Cementa, NCC, Peab, etc.)

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