Construction Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Byggarbetsplats Vallastaden sedd från Vallaskogen

We do research to increase the effectiveness in construction.

We research how to create long-term sustainability and efficiency in the built environment with a focus on logistics, digitalization, and resource-efficient construction. Our research is driven by needs, with the overarching goal of building more sustainably and efficiently, considering time, cost, and quality. We typically take a focal point in the construction process, but mainly concentrate on three partially distinct but interconnected parts within construction logistics: the supply chain to the construction site, on-site logistics, and their respective interfaces. Many of our research projects are centered around contractors and construction sites, but we also engage with property developers, clients, suppliers, transporters, third-party logisticians, IT and technology companies, consultants, etc.

The cornerstone of our research is the endowed professorship in construction logistics established in 2009 by the L E Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education, and we conduct research in areas such as:

  • Digitalization and digital transformation in the construction industry.
  • Planning of construction logistics and supply chains.
  • Third-party logistics and logistics solutions in the construction industry.
  • Production strategy, process choice, and logistics strategies in construction.
  • Industrialization of the construction process and its impact on logistics.

Examples of research projects in construction logistics:

  • Connected Construction Sites was a testbed project focused on the digitalization of construction, emphasizing planning, production, and supply processes at construction sites.
  • Digital Transformation of Construction Sites is a strategic project within Smart Built Environment, building on the experiences and digital capabilities developed in the "Connected Construction Site" project.
  • Logistics Strategy for Resource-Efficient and Sustainable House Construction" explores logistics strategies and plans in construction companies, conducted in two parts (part 1 and part 2)
  • VALLA Coach was a project aimed at creating a mobile unit, a "Valla Hut," that measures, analyzes, and coaches companies and construction projects on efficient production methods directly on the construction site.
  • Eco-Concrete Machine Learning as a tool to better understand and forecast the relationships between material properties of climate-improved concrete.

Collaborations and Funders

In our research, we always work in close collaboration with the business sector, other academic institutions, and research organizations, both nationally and internationally. Currently, we have academic collaborations with institutions such as Luleå Technical University (Sweden), School of Engineering in Jönköping (Sweden), NTNU in Trondheim (Norway), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Cardiff University (UK), Universität Bayreuth (Germany), and Monash University in Melbourne (Australia).

Our research projects are typically funded by SBUF (The Swedish Construction Industry Development Fund), Smart Built Environment (Formas), Vinnova, and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The projects are always conducted in close collaboration with the business sector, involving representatives from both the construction industry and other sectors.

Would you like to collaborate with us or join our research group? If so, you are warmly welcome to contact Research Leader Martin Rudberg or any other member of the group (see contact information below). We are always interested in new collaborations and new team members, including doctoral students, senior researchers, and educators.