The Buddy randomised factorial trial, a multiple lifestyle behaviour mHealth intervention targeting college and university students

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The Buddy study. lev dolgachov

The health risks of having several unhealthy lifestyles are great, greater than the individual risks combined. Therefore, it is important to find effective and scalable means of helping individuals to improve their lifestyle behaviours in order to improve health and well-being.

The Buddy factorial trial targets health and lifestyle behaviours among university students. The study is a part of the MoBILE (Mobile health Multiple Behavior Interventions across the LifEspan) research program at Linköping University, which contains of seven projects on multiple lifestyle interventions that evaluate digital lifestyle interventions for different target groups.

The objective of the Buddy trial is to estimate the effects of a novel mHealth intervention’s different components on individual lifestyle behaviours: alcohol consumption, fruit and vegetable consumption, consumption of sugary drinks, physical activity, and smoking among university students in Sweden.

The Buddy multiple lifestyle behaviour mHealth intervention consists of six components which users access using their mobile phone. The content is intended to be used as a toolbox, allowing users to choose which parts of the intervention to interact with and tailor the support to their needs. The content of the intervention focuses on feedback and reflection upon current lifestyles, tips and tools for building strategies for change, support for building mental and physical resources for change, recommendations to other available support and information upon the meaning of good lifestyle behaviours in accordance with national guidelines.

Participants will be given access to the intervention for 4 months and the support is free of charge. Participants will be recruited via Student Healthcare Centers at universities and colleges around Sweden during 2021-2022.

The Buddy randomised factorial trial

A multiple lifestyle behaviour mHealth intervention targeting college and university students.