Collaboration of health and care services for people with dementia

Planning out: coordination of health and social care services for older people with dementia when discharged from inpatient care

Participation in the planning of health and services is central in relation to the transition occurring towards community-based care within municipal and regional elderly care. In Sweden, the responsibility for elderly care is divided between regions and municipalities, where various interventions are carried out by different health and care providers. This division of responsibility has led to a need for collaboration between different providers in planning and implementing interventions.

In this project, we will investigate how healthcare and social care actors collaborate and coordinate efforts to meet the individual's health and social care needs upon discharge from inpatient care. It is important to explore how participation for people with dementia unfolds in practice and how participation is supported and/or hindered by the actors involved. Furthermore, the project aims to develop a model illustrating what can be done to create an integrated care system based on collaboration and coordination between healthcare and social services upon discharge from inpatient care for people with dementia.

The project is funded by Forte (STY-2023/0004; Dnr 2023-00189) and led by Johannes Österholm.

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