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Johannes H Österholm

Associate Professor

Participation as an everyday practice

Central to my research is participation as an everyday practice. My research interest concerns how conditions can be created so that older people can continue to be involved in decisions about their own everyday life. To create conditions for participation, my research revolves around how collaboration takes place between different actors within social services and health care.

I lead the project Collaboration in Dementia care - Agency (CoDA) financed by Forte. The aim of this research project is to explore the collaboration between different care providing agencies in the discharge process from inpatient care to health and care in the municipality for persons with dementia.

I also participate in WellTECH@age, led by Åsa Larsson Ranada, also a project financed by Forte, where we investigate how welfare technology can contribute to security, activity, participation and independence in elder care.

I am also interested in educational research, which is why I participate in the research group Learning Occupational Therapy Skills (LOTS). The purpose of the research I participate in LOTS is to investigate how teaching can be organized and implemented so that occupational therapist students learn the skills necessary to carry out assessments of patients' abilities.

Teaching assignment

The teaching I conduct takes place mainly within the Occupational Therapy Program at Campus Norrköping. I am responsible for the course Occupational Therapy for Diseases and Health Problems - II and I am the examiner of the course Accessibility and Participation in Occupation. I also conduct some teaching at advanced level and in some postgraduate courses with a focus on qualitative research methods.

About me

Academic degree

  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph D] (major in Health and Society), 2016
  • Master of science (major in Occupational Therapy), 2011
  • Bachelor of science (major in Occupational Therapy), 2009

Research grants

  • Forte 2024, DEM(H)CARE - Coordinated interventions between elder care, home health care, and primary care to develop best practice for older persons living at home with cognitive disorder, co-applicant
  • Forte 2023, Planning out: coordination of health and social care services for older people with dementia when discharged from inpatient care, CoDA, principal applicant
  • Forte 2023, How does welfare technology contribute to safety, activity, participation, and independence within elder care?, WellTECH@age, co-applicant
  • Centre for Local Government Studies (CKS), 2022, Voluntary organizations for local welfare – a possible municipal cooperation strategy to break involuntary loneliness and social isolation among older citizens, co-applicant
  • Forte, 2021, How can different care providing agencies within elder care collaborate and coordinate health- and care services for older people living with dementia? CoDA, principal applicant
  • Forte 2021, How are (un) equal assessments of the needs of older people created in care managers ' internal discussions during case conferences in social services? Co-applicant.



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