Cultural expressions and sense-making

Världskarta graffiti. World map graffiti
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Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR provide research in five areas. Here we present research in the field of Cultural expressions and sense-making. 

Poweful imaginaries of climate change take multiple forms and trajectories as they travel across the world of science, policy activism and art. In this research area, we ask how views on our changing climate gain ground, take form and ultimately shape how different actors make sense pf and act upon contemporary environmental concerns.We find dystopian narratives of environmental decline and catastrophism, but also positive imaginaries that invite a rethinking of links between nature and culture, economy and ecology, science and fiction, and expertise and citizenship. Within these narratives, we for example explore cultural drivers of angst and neglect, innovation, and climate action.


Stones at the Swedish westcoast.

Just transformation: The places, politics and ethics of fossil free society

In 2017 the Swedish Parliament adopted a new climate policy framework that lays the foundations for an ambitious decarbonization of all sectors in Swedish society. The aim is to turn Sweden into the first fossil-free welfare state by 2045.


Linköping University Climate Engineering Research Programme

As greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, large-scale climate engineering seems to be more and more inevitable. The LUCE research programme is exploring the perceptions and opinions that surround the emergence of these high-risk technologies.

Children demonstrating

Growing up in a Warming World

In August 2018, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg initiated a school strike in defiance of an adult world that has failed to take climate change seriously. Since then, Fridays for Future has grown into one of the largest protest movements ever.

Schoolstrike regarding the climate.

Youth Representation in Global Politics

Young people´s concerns in critical transboundary issues such as climate, health and migration have gained significant attention in recent years. In practice, however, the ways in which youth are given voice in global governance remains contested.

Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay, Nadi, Fiji

Ontological security in a transforming world

Climate change presents security and health challenges. We need to better understand how political and practical responses to climate change emerge from how people experience such challenges and vice versa.

The Seed Box - An Environmental Humanities Collaboratory

The Seed Box takes as its mission the development of a national center for environmental humanities research across the nature-culture divide, and creative activity related to the pressing environmental problems.

The Seed Box


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