Just transformation: The places, politics and ethics of fossil free society

Stones at the Swedish westcoast.

In 2017 the Swedish Parliament adopted a new climate policy framework that lays the foundations for an ambitious decarbonization of all sectors in Swedish society. The aim of the framework is to turn Sweden into the first fossil-free welfare state by 2045.

In this project we study how Sweden can make the fossil free transformation inclusive and just. Our study is located in three Swedish cities – Lysekil, Slite and Luleå – that depend on fossil-intensive industries and infrastructures for local employment and tax revenues. Through interviews and creative workshops with civil society, municipal officers and industry representatives, we examine how the fossil-free society is imagined by local actors and imbricated in the (re)making of subjects, places, and conditions of life.

The project is led by researchers from Linköping University, in collaboration with the University of Newcastle (UK). The research group combines expertise in climate politics and governance studies, transformations research, and ethnographic studies of nature, culture and identity.


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